Tips For DUI Stops

DUI prosecutions for either alcohol or drugs are complicated and the penalties if convicted are severe. The maximum penalty for a first offender is $2,500 and 364 days in jail. It can also cause the loss of your driving privileges in Illinois. Read the info below then download the DUI Tips brochure from the link below:

Download a PDF tips reference brochure here... keep it in your car!

What should I do if I'm stopped for a DUI?

Every DUI case is different. However a few things to remember? If you believe you are over the limit of intoxication .08 DO NOT DRIVE. If you do drive and are stopped by the police do not answer any questions, be polite, give your driver license and insurance card. Do not take any field sobriety tests i.e. walk the line, one leg stand, HGN of your eyes, finger to nose test or alphabet test etc. Do not take the breathalyzer tests. The officer will arrest you but his evidence against you will be siight.The smell of alcohol on your breath and slurred speech is insufficient for a finding of guilty. Your statutory summary suspension will begin 46 days from the date of arrest. Without the breath test the suspension is 12 months. You must act fast to protect your driving privileges. Call us immediately and set up a Saturday appointment. During the week Mr. Rodger is on trial every day on DUI cases. We may get the suspension lifted, and provide your legal defense. Act Fast!!!

Tips for Personal Injury

What should I do if Injured in an Accident?

If you are injured at work or in an automobile accident go to the hospital to be examined immediately. Go by ambulance from the scene. If you wait even a few days the insurance carrier will say there is a lapse of treatment and claim you were uninjured. This advice is universally true. The insurance company will fight you in court for years. Unless your injuries are very severe no attorney will handle your case. Document your injuries and the negligent conduct of the other party who caused your injuries. We receive a third of the award. If we lose the case you are charged nothing except costs of securing records and court costs. In a job related injury the attorney fees are set by law at twenty percent of recovery. You are paid while out of work (TTD) and will receive a permanency reward (PPD) when your medical care is concluded and a physician has given us a report. Over $10 million has been awarded to clients over the past 10 years.

Note: the above tips should not be construed as legal advice. Only a retained lawyer can provide legal advice or suggestions that is appropriate for your particular legal circumstances.